Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My Teeth Whitening Secret!!

I honestly cannot count the amount of times I have been asked about my teeth, what products I use, and how I get them so white. 
Since a very young age, I have always been someone who thinks a smile is so important, and I had my teeth straightened while in school. I love the look of a full, wide smile, and that is exactly what my orthodontist achieved for me.

However, what is the point in having straight teeth, if they are not gleaming? This question led me to my pursuit of white teeth. 
I am a coffee drinking, red wine loving woman and therefore I am conscious of my teeth being stained. Luckily, I don't smoke, but I still needed a solution to get my teeth super white, and keep them that way. 
This is where IWhite comes in...

I have been reviewing this product for a while now, and did not want to answer any questions about my teeth whitening routine until I knew that this genuinely gave great results. Obviously, it takes at least a few weeks to notice true results, and so I can now report that this is, by far, my favourite whitening product. 

This is an at home whitening treatment, which is worn for just 20 minutes a day, for 5 consecutive days. You can then whitening them every once in a while to top up the results. The one size fits all trays come pre-filled with the active gel, so there is no messing around with syringes etc. 

The amazing thing about IWhite is that it delivers instant results, which just get stronger the more you use it. It also has a highly soluble source of calcium, which strengthens the teeth as you whiten them.  The trays are cleverly designed to whiten both the front and the back of the teeth. As teeth are translucent, stains on the back of the teeth can show through, making teeth appear duller. 
The trays are so easy to use, are comfortable to wear, and can be thrown away straight after treatment. 

Both myself and Paul have been trying out IWhite, and we are both delighted with the results we achieved. My teeth have always been naturally quite white, but after using IWhite, I can definitely see the reduction in staining, and the brighter look to my smile.

We have been using it alongside the iWhite toothpaste too, and it really compliments the work of the whitening trays. 

Here is the LINK to purchase iWhite, and get yourself some pearly white's in time for summer!! 

Happy Monday ladies, and remember....A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear! 

Lots of Love,



  1. Is this a safe teeth whitening product? I want to find a product thats gotten great results but wont damage my teeth

  2. Is this a safe teeth whitening product? I want to find a product thats gotten great results but wont damage my teeth

  3. Hey, Rosie! You are correct that a smile is the prettiest thing that a lady can wear! Also, it will not need any preparation; you’ll look good straight out of your bed, ready to flash that winning smile. Thanks for sharing! Stay pretty!

    Christy Hodges @

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  6. I am also a coffee drinking, red wine loving woman who has been worried for some time about the stains I often find on my teeth. The home whitening product you have been reviewing really worked for me after taking a few weeks for the results to show, but have remained consistent for a number of months now.

    Sharon Woods @ Fall Spark Dentistry