Monday, 13 July 2015

Rosie's FAQ's

Ever wondered what foundation I always wear? What my go lipstick is?
What way do I colour my hair? 
I get asked certain questions multiple times a day, so instead of trying to get back to everyone individually, I have decided to answer as many of these questions below. If I am missing anything then please let me know...

"What foundation do you wear daily?"

Lately, my everyday foundation has been the Stila Stay All Day foundation in shade 7. 
I adore this, as it give a flawless coverage but feels very light on the skin. I pick mine up from Harvey Nichols Dundrum. 

"What is the lipstick you wear most days?"

I am a huge nude lipstick fan. You will rarely see me with a strong red or dark lip, as I like to play up my eyes, so tend to keep my lips neutral. Nine times out of ten, when I am asked about my lip combo, it is NYX Cosmetics Matte lipstick in shade Nude with Stripdown lip liner from MAC Cosmetics. I wear this nearly every day and it just works for me. 

"How do you keep your teeth so white?"

I am lucky that my teeth have always been naturally quite white, but I had my teeth professionally whitened over 4 years ago now. I saw a groupon deal for laser whitening and took the chance. The woman who did it said I wouldn't see drastic results as my teeth were very white anyway, but I did notice a difference. To keep them looking white I use iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening trays, and the iWhite toothpaste. I had heard great reports about this so gave it a try and since I began using it, I have had a lot of compliments on my teeth. I use it every 3/4 days and use the toothpaste twice a day. You can pick it up here.

"What tan do you wear?"

I have been wearing one tan and one tan only, for over two years now. That is, Cocoa Brown One Hour tanning mousse in the dark shade. I apply my tan twice a week, and never go without it. I used it throughout my whole pregnancy and just can't fault it. And yes, for a darker finish, I apply mine at night and sleep with it on, washing it off the next morning. 

"Where do you get your colour done and are they highlights?"

I have been getting my hair done in Zero One Salon in Greystones since January, and it is definitely the best place I have ever had my colour done. I also have Great Lengths extensions applied here too, and love them. My colour is highlights, but as I am naturally very fair haired, they come up very blonde. I used to have a low light through my hair (just a slightly darker blonde) but didn't have that done the last time. I get a full head done once a year, and then just a half head of highlights in between. As my hair is so blonde naturally, I can get a few months out of my regrowth. 

"Where did you get all of your Nike runners?"

My collection of Nikes is growing rapidly for someone who doesn't work out, but I just love them day to day while I am running around after my little boy. I have picked most of mine up from Footlocker in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. 

"What is your exercise routine?"

It doesn't exist, I'm afraid. I get asked to do diet and fitness posts but I can't talk about something I know nothing about. I am naturally slim, and my baby weight just came off itself. I do the odd workout at home, and do some yoga or pilates occasionally, but nothing consistent. As for my diet, I love Indian, pizza and all the bad stuff. However, Monday to Friday I do have a healthy dinner every night with  Paul. Its usually chicken, beef or fish along with brown rice or sweet potato and veggies. On the weekends we tend to get a take away, and I love my chocolate like most ladies do! I know my diet could be a lot better, and that is my aim for the next few months. 

"When are you getting married?"

As you may know, myself and Paul got engaged last month, and we have already began planning our wedding. However, for the time being, we will be keeping dates, venues and any other big details under wraps. All I can tell you at this stage is that it will be somewhere hot and sandy!!!! 

"When did you start blogging?"

I began blogging a few years ago but never put enough effort into it. Then, when I became pregnant with my son, I decided to document my pregnancy style and it grew from there. I am now gaining over a 100 new followers on Instagram per day, and my blog is averaging at 50,000 hits a month. 

So there you have it. This is just some of the many questions I get asked, answered. If you have any more questions, please comment below and I will do another FAQ's post down the line. 

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Have a lovely evening everyone.... We survived Monday!!! 

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this :) I love your lipstick colour it always looks fab!

    I seen your snapchat the other night on how you tan your hands & I loved it, I featured it in my blog post 'Confessions of a Tan Addict #2 - How I Apply My Tan' & it would mean the world to me if you gave it a quick read :)

    My blog is Beutitude

    I love your blog, you're a fabulous blogger & such an inspiration :)

    Amie xx

  2. What is your usual day to day eyeshadow that you use ?

  3. What make up brushes do you use mainly or do you use a mixture? :) x