Monday, 17 February 2014

Dresscode Review

Looking for the perfect evening dress that will be in your wardrobe season after season? Look no further than Dresscode. They are an Irish brand that specialises in evening wear, deb’s dresses and brides-maid dresses.

The Everyway dress, is one of my favourite in the collection. This dress can be styled in 9 different ways, to suit all body shapes and many different occasions.

Most people, when they hear about this type of dress, panic about how to change to each of the different styles. The everyway couldn’t be easier to figure out. 

Each of the dresses has a fabric tube, which you move up and down, to create the 9 different looks. I have tried and tested the dress, and can safely say, without any help at all, I was able to try out all 9 looks without any hassle.

The great thing about the Everyway, is that you can reuse your occasion dress, while having a new fresh look each time. They are also designed to allow you to wear control underwear without the risk of it showing through. They come in two sizes; size 1 (8/10/12UK) and size 2 (14/16/18UK)

As a Personal Shopper at Arnotts, one of the issues that many bride’s-to-be have, is that their bridesmaids are all different body shapes. One may want her shoulders covered, another may want more coverage across the chest. With this dress, each bridesmaid can have her dress in the style that suits her shape the best, all while keeping a uniform colour and look for the bridal party.

This dress is an investment piece, that will take you to any occasion. This dress is available in aqua, black, coral, grape, red and royal blue.
The Everyway dress retails at €220, and can be purchased at Arnotts, Dublin

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