Friday, 14 November 2014

#AskRosie : Part Two

Hi Ladies,

As I mentioned before, my most popular posts tend to be the more personal ones, so I decided to run an #AskRosie segment, so that I can answer some of your questions that you were eager  to ask.

Here is part two for you all…

Where do you buy your maternity wear?

I get asked a lot about my maternity wear, and where I purchase certain items. I will be honest and say the only maternity pieces I have bought are a couple of pairs of skinny jeans from the H&M Maternity range. Everything else I have worn has been my own clothes, or from the regular section of my favour shops. My bump did not show until close to 6 months in, so up until then I wore my regular outfits, with the exception of the "bobbin trick" on days when my tummy was a little more bloated than normal. I wanted to get as much use out of what I already had, so I just took a second look at my wardrobe, and put away anything high waisted, or anything with a cropped finish. I will take them back out once the baby weight is off. I have found, now that I only have 5 weeks to go, I am living in my maternity jeans from H&M, and layering cardigans, knitwear, blazers and coats over a plain tight fit tank top (Penneys do a great selection!) 

What is your skincare routine?

Ohhh I hate being asked this question, because it reminds me how bad my skincare routine is!!! I used to be so good, and used Dermalogica products religiously, but I have become so lazy about my routine lately. Im talking a baby wipe alot of the time (bowing my head in shame!) 
Luckily, due to my pregnancy, my skin has been looking great regardless, but I have made a promise to myself to start investing into my skincare a lot more in the new year. I have facials from the amazing Alice In Beautyland, and they really perk my skin up. I have also been using the Forever Living Aloe Vera skincare as a trial lately, and they are definitely giving my skin a great glow. When I get my ass in gear, and get a good routine under my belt, I will be sure to share it with you all. 

Who are your style inspirations?

I find this a question I get asked a lot, and always find it quite difficult to answer, as I do not have any particular person who completely inspires me. I find most of my inspiration comes from everything around me, from street style, people watching and trawling Instagram on a regular basis. I much prefer to see how "regular" women style their outfits, as opposed to celebrities, who tend to be wearing whatever their stylist has guided them towards. I love looking on Pinterest and fashion blogs every day and just seeing how fashion is evolving all the time. There are plenty of styles I just love to look at, but as for recreating them for my lifestyle, I will take elements of lots of different items and make my own look with it.
If I am styling a photoshoot, the approach tends to be a lot different. It is more like art to me, and my creative side really gets to shine. Personal styling is very different to media work, as dressing someone for their day to day lives requires a lot more practical decisions, as opposed to what looks good in a magazine.

How do you manage to balance working full time, blogging and being pregnant?

I often get asked where I get my energy from, to work full time, and keep my blog going at the same time, all while preparing for my first baby. I never really saw it as a challenge to balance the important things in my life, as working and blogging are not a chore for me. I love what I do, so getting up for work is not the hardest task in the world. As for blogging, when most people are watching TV, catching up on the Soaps or reading, I am blogging. Every second of my spare time is willingly spent working on my Facebook page, my Instagram, my blog, and answering many emails I have received that day. It has never felt like a hassle or chore to me, and I would much prefer to be online than watching TV. I actually cannot remember the last time I sat down and just watched a TV programme. My head is always in my laptop, with YouTube playing in the background. That's when I am at my happiest! Luckily, I have a partner who gets it, and as he is very ambitious too, he's not the type to sit around and flake on the couch. Both of us have a lot of energy so it works for us. If he's not busy running his business, he is spending time with his son or in the gym, so our work/life balance seems to just work for us.
Obviously things are going to change when our baby arrives, but I am sure we will work out a great routine that works for our family.
Don't get me wrong, there are days when all I want to do is lay on the couch and do NOTHING for the day, and there are days when we have so much on, that we can both get cranky and fed up, but that is only normal, and days like that are few and far between.
I think the key to balancing your time is to do something you love, as it never feels like a burden in your life. It is also very important to take a night off and just give yourself some free time to run a bath, read a book, or go on a date night.
One of my favourite bloggers Hannah Maggs, has a "black out" night with her partner a few times a month. They turn off all laptops, phones and TV's and just spend the evening together making dinner, listening to music over a bottle of wine. I am going to start giving it a go, as my phone and laptop get so much of my time lately, that I think it is important to just switch off, take a break and spend time together as a couple.

So there you have it ladies, some more of your questions answered. I will do another one of these posts, as more questions come in!

Have a lovely friday evening…

Lots of Love,


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