Wednesday, 18 February 2015

FitFood Ireland Review

Hi ladies, 

As you may know, I had my first baby 9 weeks ago now, and had mentioned that I wanted to get my diet and exercise back on track. Being a new mum and working hard on my blog, means I have little time to stop and prepare healthy meals for the week. I found myself skipping lunch as I simply didn't have the time to prepare something tasty. I was turning to coffee to fill me until dinner time when I would sit down and eat with my partner. 

My energy levels started to drop, as I was not making sure to fuel my body regularly. When I heard about FitFood Ireland, it sounded like the perfect solution to my diet problems. 

FitFood is a meal delivery service, preparing paleo lunches and dinners for the week ahead. The meals are all booked on the day of order, freshly frozen and delivered to your door. For someone like myself, who loves tasty food but is a brutal cook, it is the ideal solution. 

My meals were delivered on Sunday, and I got 5 lunches, and a treat box for the week. 

My lunches - 
- Thai Green Curry with Cauliflower rice. 
- Sweet Potatoe Sheppards Pie 
- Steak Burger, onion rings and chips with FitFood sauce 
- Chicken Kiev with roasted balsamic vegetables 
- Chicken courgette noodles 

The meals arrived packed and frozen, so I popped them into my freezer. All you have to do is take out your meal for the following day, 24 hours before you plan to eat it. Each day, I would microwave my lunch for 5 mins and that's! So easy, and so tasty. I was concerned that there wouldn't be much flavour to the meals, after being frozen and reheated, but I can safely say each meal had so much flavour and I finished every one. 

I also got a treat box, which is ideal for someone like me who has a sweet tooth and loves a sneaky treat with my tea after dinner. The treat box contained a mix of healthy snacks like chocolate brownies, mint chic chip cookies, carrot and walnut muffins, coconut bites, snickers and the INSANELY tasty peanut fudgeroos (my new obsession!!) All of the treats are gluten, dairy and suger free, so you can enjoy them guilt free!! 

After a week of eating the helathy lunches each day, I found I had so much more energy and didn't rely on coffee to give me a midday boost. They are absolutely ideal for anyone who is stuck for time, but is health conscious. Or if you are useless in the kitchen like myself, but love tasty, too quality food, then this is the way to go. 

You can check out more about FitFood Ireland on their Facebook page or their website 

Happy healthy eating, 


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