Saturday, 28 March 2015

My Tanning Routine

Hi ladies, 

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! 

I get asked about my tanning routine a lot, from what tanning I do (sunbeds or false tan) to what my favorite products are and how often I apply them. Hopefully this post covers everything for you! 
I am not a fan of sunbeds at all. I will admit, I used to use them a few years back, but after a close family member battled cancer recently, my attitude towards them has completely changed. They are just not for me, so I have turned to finding the perfect tan in a bottle, and that's where Cocoa Brown comes in. 

I am in no way sponsored by Cocoa Brown, but can honestly say this is the best false tan I have ever used (and I've tried them all!!) I use the Cocoa Brown One Hour Mousse religiously, and have never found another product to even come close to the finish it gives. 

Preperation : 

I wear false tan every single day, so making sure my skin is prepared before I apply it is so important for longevity. I will run myself a nice hot bubble bath, and soak in that for 20 minutes before jumping into the shower. It's then that I use Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff exfoliator to remove any dead skin cells from my body, concentrating on dry areas such as the knees, elbows and ankles. This exfoliator is gentle enough for sensitive skin and doesn't leave the skin feeling raw or sore, all while still giving the skin a good scrub. Make sure to dry yourself off and do not apply any body creams or sprays, as this will effect how the tan takes to your skin. 

Application : 

I use the Cocoa Brown tanning mit to apply my false tan, or you can pick up any tanning mit from Penneys or your local pharmacy. Shake the bottle well, and then squeeze out a generous amount of the tan, remembering that it is a mousse so will expand once expelled from the can. I start at my feet and work my way up, making sure to blend the tan in fully before moving on to the next area. Pay close attention to your knees and elbows as these areas are naturally drier and will cause the tan to stick to them so be light handed in these areas. Cocoa brown gives you an instant colour, so you will be able to see exactly where you have applied product, perfect for tanning newbies! When I have applied to my whole body, I start on my hands and face. I will use a moisturiser on my hand and face before I apply the tan, so that it is slightly lighter than the rest of my body. This helps to avoid the dreaded orange hands we all fell victim to at some stage! Cocoa Brown mousse dries very quickly, leaving virtually no tacky residue, so after about ten minutes I find I am safe to get dressed.

Maintenance : 

I usually reapply my tan every 4-5 days, depending on what I have on that week. Some people recommend moisturinhos every day to prolong the life of your tan but I don't feel I need to, as this tan doesn't dry out my skin. It is super low maintenance, and wears off gradually, not giving you the awful snake effect of most tans. 

The best thing about this tan is how quickly it comes up. I tend to apply mine in the morning time, as it is developed by the time I'm ready to the leave the house. Perfect for busy mums who havnt the time to allow it to develop! 

You can now pick up Cocoa Brown in most supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide. 

If you have any other questions about tanning please leave them below or contact me on Instagram (@rosieconxxx) or 

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  1. Wow your tan looks amazing! I've been wanting to try Cocoa Brown for ages, I've never done fake tan myself instead I've always opted for a professional to do it. I think I'll treat myself at payday x

  2. When I apply tan I always do this at night then shower in morning, do you not have to wash this off before you leave house once you apply yours in the morning?