Thursday, 23 July 2015

My Home Office and Vanity Room

Hello again everyone,

I am back with a highly requested post about my new home office and vanity area. For anyone who doesn't follow my snapchat, Harry moved out of our room this week and I was so reluctant to let him go!! I loved having him beside me, but the time had come to get him settled into his nursery. To take my mind off things I decided to get stuck in to creating a proper home office to work from.

Until now, I would just pop my laptop at the kitchen table, but there are too many distractions and I needed somewhere that inspires me and I can get stuck into working. I have not been posting enough on my blog, so the aim is to get lots more blog posts up for you all, as well as continuing with my usual Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat posting.

So on to the details. Lets start with my office area.
Nearly everything I bought for the office is from Ikea. It doesn't help that Ikea is about a 5 minute drive from my doorstep so I am always popping in for one thing and leaving with a whole trolley full of goodies. No matter how many times I go there, I always end up seeing things I didn't the 100 times before.

I will list a link below to all of the IKEA items in my desk area -

Desk €16.90
Add on Unit for top of desk €40
Storage Drawers €100
Picture Ledge €9
Yellow Flowers and Vase €8.25 (total!)
Pink Flower and Pot €12.50 total
Table Lamp €5.75
Cake Stand for Jewellery (Not on Ikea Website)
Chair €17.90
Rug €12

The rest of the items are from different stores, that I have picked up over time.
Orchid - Dunnes Stores
Buddha Head - TK Maxx
Candle - Dunnes Stores
All of my prints in the photo frames are just ones that I found online and printed out in my local Boots.

Now on to my Vanity area. This is one of my favourite places in the house, and I always do my make up here when I am not in a rush.
I have another set of the Ikea ALEX drawers here, to house all of my make up products.

Mirror and Lights - Ikea
Floating Shelf - Ikea
Mirrored Brush Holder - Dunnes Stores
Larger lace baskets - Dunnes Stores
Smaller white pots - Ikea
Pink Orchid - Ikea

So that's it... I hope that has answered all of your questions, and I hope you get some inspiration for your own vanity area or home office..

Cheers to the weekend ladies (Nearly!!)

Lots of Love,



  1. Looks amazing Rosie!! Great inspiration!!

  2. Looks fab Rosie well done 👏👏

  3. Hi Rosie,Firstly I want to say your blog is beautiful and you come across as such a gorgeous person both inside and out.I have been raving about your blog to everyone,keep up the brilliant work and look forward to all the great things that are coming your way.
    I feel embarrassed asking Rosie but I am completely pathetic at anything to do with computers,I absolutely adore your amazing office and the beautiful Art prints which you have displayed.I am just wondering how you actually get the prints,I mean is there a specific site you go to and download the image and then just print the size you require at Boots or how do you do it?
    I am sorry to take up your time with such a question but I would be extremely grateful for any advice.Thank you so much Rosie and thank you for inspiring people like me everyday,your beautiful family must be so proud of you.
    Mairead xxx

  4. Looks amazing! xx

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