Sunday, 9 August 2015

My Fitness Journey : Week 1

So here I am, having survived a week without sugar!! I never thought I would ever be able to say that. Today marks the end of my first week on my new healthy lifestyle change, and training with Jessi Kavanagh. I have to say, I am already feeling the changes of the new diet and intense workouts.
I have trained twice with Jessi this week, both sessions lasting 30 minutes each.

Session 1

On our first session we trained the upper body and did some gentle tummy exercises. Jessi does not want to start out with intense tummy crunches as she wants to make sure my tummy muscles are ready for that, after giving birth to my son 7 months ago.
She also explained to me, that in order to get results from a 30 minute workout, there would not be room for breaks and the 30 minutes would be back to back training, to get the most out of your time. I was nervous about my first training session, as I have never worked with a personal trainer before, and it is not like a fitness class that you can just hide at the back hoping the trainer won't see you slacking!! She was so attentive to everything, and watched every part of my body as I did the workout, making sure everything was being executed correctly and that my posture was correct.
The first session went in so quickly, and before I knew it,  we were done. That does not mean I wasn't exhausted!! We also did some burpees and jumping jacks at intervals to get my heart rate up so I was out of breath and sweating by the end of the session.

Session 2

The following day, Jessi was back to train my lower body. I woke up with a very sore and tight upper body so was glad to give that a little rest and work on my lower half. We focused on squatting, lunges and calf raises, as well as planking and more core work. This session really knocked it out of me, but again, the 30 minutes was done before I even had a chance to check the time.


Now for the diet. I always knew that this would personally be my biggest challenge, as I needed to completely overhaul my eating habits. As I explained before, I was surviving on sugar and caffeine, and that all ended this week. I got rid of anything that I was not allowed to have from the house, so there was no temptation, and stocked up on all the healthy grub Jessi had planned out for me. My fridge has never looked so colourful with all the lovely fruit and veg I have picked up. One thing I can say about this programme, is that I have not felt hungry even once. In fact, I struggle to eat everything that is on my diet plan sometimes, as there is so much choice, and you are eating every 3 hours. I have definitely noticed a difference in my tummy, and it is certainly not as bloated from cutting out bread and sugar. I will admit, the detox from sugar has been hard, and I have been feeling a little tired and have had a few headaches but I am confident that will go once my body adjusts to this new lifestyle. I have increased my water intake dramatically and definitely feel better for it. The first few days, I was in the loo every five minutes but again, that is starting to settle down.


I also popped out to Bodyfirst Nutrition in Clontarf to stock up on some supplements to help me with my training. I think there is sometimes the impression that unless you want to be ripped with huge muscles, then you shouldn't be taking protein but that is not the case (So I am told, I am clueless about this kind of thing!!) If you cannot get to their stores, you can shop online at
First thing I picked up was the BSN Syntha-6 Edge protein in the Chocolate Milkshake flavour and OH MY GOODNESS... it is so tasty! I actually look forward to drinking this!
The next thing I picked up is the F.K.D Pre workout in Kola Krush. This is for taking before my training to give me that energy boost I need to work harder. It smells like cola bottles,  but I am yet to try it out. I will report back in next weeks post when I have given this a go.
While I was squatting, I noticed that my knees were clicking so Jessi recommended picking up some fish oils to help my joints. I am taking these Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil softgels with every meal, so I am hoping they will make a difference.
While I was chatting to the guys at Bodyfirst, I was telling them how I was stuck with what I was going to cook my chicken with, as I find plain chicken super boring. I picked up two seasonings from The Gym Chef Food Company. I have tried them both and the smallest amount really does go a long way.
Lastly I have been trying out the Quest bars as a little treat, and so far so good. I love the mint chocolate one (hence why there is none to photograph!!)  Looking forward to trying out the rest of the flavours too.

So that's it guys. That is the end of week one, and I am so happy to be on a new journey to a fitter, healthier me. Check back in next week to see how I get on with my second week of training.  If you are looking to get fit, but are not in the position to have Jessi come to your house every week, she also has an online 8 Week Bikini Body Challenge which you can do from ANYWHERE in the world! This includes your full training programme, diet plan, shopping list and recipes, 24/7 access to Jessi for nutritional and training advice, plus you are also added to a Facebook group with others who are all doing the challenge too. This is a great way to keep motivated and share your progress and tips with other participants. For more info on this, head over to

Lots of love,


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  1. Hiya Rosie what is the diet plan that you are on.? Could u give an example of what you are eating every 3 hours xxxxthanks so much