Friday, 28 November 2014

How I Style My Hair - Tips and Tricks

Hi Ladies,

Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week.. I have been busy getting all the final things ready for my little man's arrival, and trying to rest in between! 

Many of you have asked how I style my hair and what tools I use, so here is a quick update on what I have been reaching for lately.

As you know, I have Hotloxs Hair Extensions in my hair, which makes styling my hair a lot easier, as I feel like the extensions hold a style a lot better than my natural hair.
I have my hair curled or waved 99% of the time, as I prefer this look over straight hair. 

I tend to wash my hair every 2-3 days. I wash my hair in the morning, blow dry it straight using this pro hair dryer from Peter Mark.

For everyday waves, I either style my hair with the Instyler or with the Babyliss Pro Ceramic Tong in 38mm.

I find the Instyler great for creating a loose wave or flick on the ends of my hair, which is perfect for daytime as it is quick and looks natural too. 

If I want more of a full curl, I will use the Babyliss Tongs. This gives a large loose curl, so for daytime, I curl my hair, spray with a little hair spray and brush them out. 

For night's out or events, and when I have time to get ready, I curl my hair, and pin each curl while it is still hot. Wrap the curl around your finger, and pin to your head using a bobby pin. Leave for as long as you can.

 I generally do this before I apply my make up, as once my make up is done and I am dressed, I can release each curl for a full, big voluminous look that will last all night. 

On days when my hair is not freshly washed, I will spray with a little dry shampoo, and either leave it down and throw on one of my many hats, or tie it up in a messy high ponytail.

I hope this helps some of you out, and be sure to check out the special offer on the Instyler, available on 

Lots of Love,



  1. Hi :) your hair colour is so pretty :) is it your natural colour or do you dye it ? And if so what products and colour do you use :) Thanks Aoife <3

  2. Styling hairs is a tricky task and I think blow drying is the best way to do it. Anyway I use sedu hair dryers and that is working really well for me. And I will try your hairstyling tips with help of this.