Friday, 15 January 2016

Pampers Baby-Dry Pants Challenge | Ad

Hello again everyone, and happy Friday. 
Today, I am back with a baby post for all my mummy readers.
For the past week Harry has been wearing Pampers Baby-Dry Pants and taking part in their ultimate nappy challenge. Pampers Baby-Dry pants are a new, easy to change pull-up nappy which offers convenience and dryness without a compromise.

When I first saw them in the supermarket, I thought they were toilet training pants which Harry is not ready for yet, BUT when I picked them up I realised they are exactly like his regular nappies with the added bonus of being a super easy and extra convenient pull up pant nappy
We tested out Pampers new Baby-Dry pants and loved them for two reasons! 
Firstly, they have brought an end to Harry’s wriggle-wrestles on the changing matAnyone with a baby on the move knows how changing your little one's nappy can be an ordeal. Harry hates when I interrupt his precious play time or lie him down on the baby changing mat for nappy changes. Now with new Pampers Baby Dry pants it takes us seconds to change his nappy. I just pull them up while he stands (his new favourite thing to do now that he has discovered it!) or when it’s time to change them, tear them at the sides and then pull up a new, clean pant. Easy!

Secondly, I love how they keep Harry dry all through the night. This is the real test of a nappy performance for us as Harry is alover of his night time snooze unless of course he wakes up with a wet nappy. He has been going to sleep for the past week in Pampers Baby Dry Pants at 5.30pm and waking up at 6.30am the next morning … over 12 hours! We have had no interrupted sleep and importantly Harry has stayed dry and experienced no leaks. Success!!
Pampers Baby-Dry Pants come in sizes 3 ,4, 5 and 6 with prices starting from €6.99 at supermarkets nationwideContaining unique Micro Pearls™ Pampers Baby Dry absorb up to 30 times their weight and lock wetness away to help keep your little one dry for up to 12 hours – no other pant is drier! Their all-aroundwaistband and leg cuffs adapt to all of your baby’s movements and they’re soft and breathable, keeping your little one giggling, no matter how much they’re wiggling! For more information you can also visit

Lots of Love,
Rosie and Harry 

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